Disinfecting Services

What Does It Mean to Disinfect?

to Clean – to be free from dirt, marks, or stains

to Sanitize – to clean and make hygienic

to Disinfect – to cleanse in order to destroy bacteria and viruses

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What we do

We make your environment healthier by eliminating unseen health threats. These threats include viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi, as well as mold & mildew. The solutions we use are lethal to EVERY pathogen harmful to humans yet non-toxic to ALL mammals. This solution is applied electrostatically for complete surface coverage quickly and economically leaving your home or business safe. Start making your world healthier today.

How we do it

We only use FDA certified organic solutions for disinfection. They destroy viruses (COVID19/Coronavirus), bacteria, allergens, fungi, and ALL other pathogens by weakening their cell walls through oxidation. The pathogen cells than simply collapse and die. 

Our organic solutions are the same as naturally produced in the human body and is used in oral/ocular/dental surgery as an antiseptic/disinfectant, as an anti-fungal on crops, and on produce in grocery stores. Despite being 80-100 times more effective than bleach and other traditional disinfectants, they have NO harmful reproductive or respiratory side effects on humans or any other mammals. In addition, they function as a commercial grade deodorant by destroying the odor-causing pathogens, not merely covering their odor with another.

Our Process

IMD treats each and every surface area to eliminate COVID-19 and other health threats. This includes High touch areas (doorknobs, push bars, light switches, handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, desks, phones), electronics (such as PCs, laptops, tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls, ATM machines), toilets, faucets, and sinks. Soft surfaces such as carpet, rugs, and drapes are also disinfected. We are able to achieve this safely and economically.

Commercial & Residential Disinfecting Service

IMD is currently serving Connecticut
and Eastern parts of New York State.

IMD Commercial Disinfecting

Professional Disinfecting

IMD Disinfection is determined to provide you with the best  service with the safest, most powerful solutions applied with the most efficient technology.

IMD Covid Disinfection

COVID Disinfection Services

The Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces and survive 2-4 weeks. Disinfecting your home and business reduces the risk of contamination.

IMD Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic Spraying

IMD uses advanced electrostatic sprayers utilizing the latest technology to apply the disinfecting solutions for 360 degree coverage of all surfaces.

IMD Mold & Mildew Remediation

Mold & Mildew Remediation

Mold and mildew are both easily eliminated with the organic solutions used by IMD, which also inhibit their return for up to 7 months.

IMD Commercial Disinfection

Commercial Disinfection Service

IMD serves nearly every commercial sector. From office buildings to retail stores, banks, and schools, to construction job sites.

IMD Residential Disinfection

Residental Disinfection Service

IMD professionally disinfects Homes, Aircraft, Boats, Vehicles, Campers/ RVs. Protect yourself and those you care about from COVID-19 and other health threats.

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