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Why is IMD Disinfecting the best choice for my Home and Business Health?

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Why choose IMD to address the various health threats that you face daily?

To begin with, I am a COVID-19 survivor who suffers from having a compromised immune system (from Type 1 Diabetes) who suffered for weeks in 2020 with every symptom; high fever, severe body aches, loss of taste and smell, severe respiratory distress, and lethargic fatigue.  Having personally experienced the Coronavirus, I can testify to the effects from one of many dangerous health threats we face today. Every home, business, and vehicle we treat brings me great personal satisfaction because I am improving the lives of others and the environment we all share.

Most people spend the majority of their lives indoors at home or at work. Both of these locations unless properly mantained, endanger us to some extent every day.

Indoor health threats every we can address include allergens and pathogens.

Allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, and mildew cause severe allergic reactions to millions every year. Whether at home or work place allergens only increase if not eliminated. Almost all of these allergens are microscopic and traditional cleaning will not address them.





Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can be carried by humans and other mammals. They are greater threats since they are mobile. Being social animals, the human race’s need to interact with one another is a force multiplier for these threats, and todays’ level of globalization has increased the potential spread of either of them. This means that as the number of people exposed to pathogens (like COVID) increases, the reproductive speed and strength of variants does as well.

With these threats in mind, I researched the safest and most lethal way to eliminate them. I use a solution that is naturally occuring in the human body. It is totally safe for all mammals and is lethal to every known pathogen. I apply it electrostatically which guarantees total surface coverage microscopically. That means 100% coverage without overwetting or damage to electronics.

IMD Disinfection Services applies the safest, most effective solutions quickly and efficiently by people who care. That is why you should contact us to start making your world healthier.

Ian Dane, Owner

Our Company Mission & Client Vision


Mission: Learn More

My research identified which chemicals were the most lethal to not only the Coronavirus, but all viruses & bacteria, as well as mold & mildew, fungus, allergens, and yeasts. The best solution is what we use exclusively; Hypochlorous acid. Despite being 99.9% lethal to pathagens it is totally safe for adults, children, and pets. It is water-based and all-natural; Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is made through electrolysis where you pass an electric current through a substance to artificially create a reaction.

Clear Vision: the Best Way to Help

Next, I had to find the best way to deploy the solutions; that means total 360-degree coverage of three-dimensional objects, getting into and covering places that were difficult/impossible to reach or even see. It is important to note that most environmental surfaces have a negative or neutral charge (the earth itself is negative). For true electrostatic adhesion to occur, electrostatic sprayers impart a positive charge so that the positively charged disinfectant droplets are attracted to targeted negative or neutral surfaces.

Core Values: Enjoy Helping People

Armed with the best solutions to disinfect with as well as the best deployment system I formed my LLC and started IMD Disinfecting Services. I can honestly say that I enjoy my work and take pride in what I do every day. I personally meet every customer and do the initial servicing, noting any site specifics to better address any questions/concerns that my customers have. I invite everyone and anyone to contact me with any questions concerning IMD Disinfecting Services or my personal experience with the Corona virus.

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