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Electrostatic spraying applies fungicides, nutrients, and pesticides more effectively to any gardening scenario with the greatest efficiency and results. Our FDA certified organic solutions are quick, effective, and safe.

Greenhouse Plants

The electrostatic application of nutrients/fungicides/pesticides is the greenhouse gardeners’ best option to maximize the potential of your gardening labor of love, be it ornamental or edible. Greenhouses are more prone to humidity/condensation in New England as they endure the effects of all four seasons. The application of fungicides is crucial to prevent any of these threats from taking root (pardon the pun).

Nutrients/fungicides/pesticides achieve 3.7 times more foliar coverage on your plants when electrostatically applied, including the undersides of leaves allowing you to increase the quantity and quality of what you grow.

Hydroponic systems

Your investment in hydroponic technology isn’t complete without taking the steps to safeguard your prized crop. By their nature, Hydroponic systems expose plants to increased chances for mold, mildew, and rot which can happen at any stage of growth. Our electrostatic treatment eliminates these threats to hydroponically grown cuttings/clones and seedlings.

In addition to accelerating the germination and propagation of seeds, our solutions clean root zones increase nutrient intake, replace unhealthy hormone treatment, increase the number of cuttings per plant, prevent mold & mildew during curing/ drying, and are certified organic and safe to all mammals.

Home Gardening

The application of pesticides and nutrients is one of the most difficult tasks in any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program but critical to achieving optimum crop yield and highest quality. Fungicides and pesticides achieve 3.7 times more foliar coverage on your plants when electrostatically applied, including the undersides of leaves.

Electrostatically applied nutrients/fungicides/pesticides boost plants’ health and immunity by keeping them cleaner and pathogen-free, bringing you increased yields.

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Our Electrostatic Garden Services

Electrostatic sprayers represent a new development in greenhouse pesticide and nutrient application technology. In a 3-year study, we evaluated one of the newer candidate sprayers for efficacy in controlling green peach and melon aphids while enhancing worker safety. Electrostatic application provided aphid control that was equal or superior to conventional full volume spray while using 40 times less water in an equivalent area. In addition, although electrostatic application provided 3.7 times more foliar deposition than the use of conventional full-volume sprays, electrostatically deposited residues were more difficult to remove mechanically. Therefore, residues from an electrostatic application are less hazardous to worker health and safety than conventional full-volume wet sprays.

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“My hydro system and cuttings were cleared of  the mold issue we had with only one treatment”

“Ian’s Team are well manored, fast and efficient – Pro Electrostatic Applicators of what my plants need”

“My Plants are growing like never before I feel they are happy”

“My plants are healthier and getting enormous after using  IMD’s Electrostatic spraying of nutrients”

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