What is the difference between cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting?

Let’s define our terms;

to clean – to be free from dirt, marks, or stains

to sanitize –to clean and make hygienic

to disinfect-to cleanse in order to destroy bacteria and viruses

In broad terms cleaning makes an area presentable, sanitizing makes it safer by reducing levels of infectious germs, and disinfecting makes it safest by focusing on the elimination of those germs.

The best way to sanitize and disinfect includes using a safe effective solution on all surface areas. This is achieved through electrostatic application (link to our electrostatic spraying page), which charges the solution so it is attracted to (and wraps around) all surfaces. At IMD we sanitize and disinfect your home or workplace electrostatically to make your world healthier. Our solutions are the safest made, harmless to all mammals (including pets and children) while being 80-100 times more effective than bleach. They combine a 99.9% lethality with short dwell time (2 minutes) and quick evaporation (15 minutes) making your world healthier.