IMD coined this phrase to encompass what our service does for you. The electrostatic application of the safest most effective solutions to eliminate health threats quickly and economically is what we do. Not only does our service eliminate all known viruses and bacteria, it also kills/prevents regrowth of molds and mildew, as well as eliminating all known allergens and pathogens dangerous to humankind (all mammals). As an added benefit, the solution also deodorizes by destroying what causes odors, not just covering one smell with another.

Think of the amount of time people spend confined/indoors. These environments get exposed daily to human traffic and seasonal changes. These combined with closed  HVAC systems encourage the collection and spreading of the many threats we address. With scheduled maintenance (as little as twice a year) you can have these health threats removed from your home, workplace, or vehicular (car/boat/aircraft) environment.

By bettering the health of your environment, you are improving your health, the health of all those around you, and our planet.

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