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The United States has already endured the initial waves of COVID-19 with a total of 839,476 lives lost since 2020. At the apex of the U.S. epidemic in January 2021, at least 3,300 people died (on average) daily. Almost 60 million cases have been reported in the United States, according to a compilation of state and county data. Worldwide the number of deaths has surpassed 5.5 million with no signs of slowing down.

Although widespread availability of vaccines in the United States helped to reduce cases in the spring and early summer 2020, the Delta variant led to a renewed spike in cases and hospitalizations nationwide later in the year. In December of 2021, daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. climbed to record highs due to the faster spreading Omicron variant. This cycle mirrors what happened during the influenza pandemic of 1918 which claimed between 20 – 100 million lives at the height of its lethality and has never been eradicated, mutating every year. Think about that.

Unfortunately there never has been and probably never will be a “miracle” vaccine for this virus or any other. This is because;

Fact: There has never been a vaccine created that was universally effective on patients, socially accepted, or developed/distributed fast enough.

Fact: Viruses will always mutate faster than the human race can eradicate them.

These two simple facts outline a call to action for humanity; to actively address the threat. Actively addressing this pandemic and related health threats is the only logical course of action because repeating the same things over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

If you want to actively improve the environmental health of where you live and work contact us for help because life threatening¬†issues don’t need management, they need resolution. Our services eliminate the corona virus and ALL known pathogens dangerous to human beings quickly, safely and economically.

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